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I don't want nobody to get killed
I'll come and get you
I am always ready to fight

So don't take all of the blame we were all swept away
Don't take all of the weight. You always do
There will always be something you cannot control
We will overcome. Your salvation has begun

No signs
No lights, such a mess all over
Don't kill your hopes
You make me realize who I need

I'll be there hold on
They'll change you somehow
So where are you now?

I'll reach you by dawn
The shadows appear, Illusions are born
The fallen angels you run with don't know
It is our pain that makes us all human after all

Torn old sepia photographs show
Our fragile precious world
Must discard it, respond to the call

تـو مـرا جـآن و جـهـآنـی
چـه ڪـنـم جـآن و جـهـآن را...

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